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I keep repeating it to myself and others that I love writing. That I cannot imagine doing anything else for a living. Recently I even started saying it out loud that writing is the only thing that I will not compromise.

There is more than one reason why writing is so important to me. In fact, I found 24 of them. So why do I write?

  1. Because when I write, nothing else matters.
  2. Because it enables me to talk about ideas that I would be too intimidated to mention out loud.
  3. Because it makes me realise what I really believe.
  4. Because it empowers me to make a point in a discussion, which I would be too paralysed to make in a conversation.
  5. Because I can decide on every single aspect of the text I produce.
  6. Because it gives me a sense of control.
  7. Because it is a clear channel of communicating with myself.
  8. Because it is a safe harbour for dumping down my feelings and thoughts that I don’t know how to express to other people.
  9. Because it helps me cope with the feeling of loneliness.
  10. Because the satisfaction I get from completing what I think is a good piece is incomparable to anything in the world.
  11. Because it is one of the few things that I am convinced I am suited for.
  12. Because I like feeding the fantasy of becoming a successful, well-known and popular writer who genuinely influences the lives of her readers.
  13. Because I like spending time on my own.
  14. Because I can‘t stand the idea that the work I do every day could be nothing more than means to earn money.
  15. Because I enjoy receiving compliments for my writing.
  16. Because I also enjoy receiving constructive criticism.
  17. Because it allows me to better understand myself.
  18. Because it helps me to create a healthy distance and look at my thoughts and pains from a perspective.
  19. Because I am a better person to others when I write.
  20. Because I want to become amazing at something, and writing is my best shot.
  21. Because writing opens up possibilities to communicate which spoken word will never give me.
  22. Because I want to make my teenage dream come true. (I owe it to the 15-year old version of myself whose boldness inspires me until today.)
  23. Because I want to be heard and understood.
  24. Because it is the only activity that keeps enticing me since I was 12 years old and therefore is one of the few constants in my life.

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