5 Medium Bios That Are Permanently Stuck in My Head

I sometimes think about them before falling asleep

Photo by Geraldine Ng on Unsplash

Abraham Hispraise: typing…

Chances are, you've never heard of Abraham. The moment I’m writing this, he has 120 followers and doesn’t seem to post on Medium very often. When he does, however, it’s quality writing that people engage with.

Jessica Wildfire: Unfluencer.

Jessica Wildfire is one of the most-read writers on Medium. I see her as a pro when it comes to succinctly conveying powerful messages — and that includes her bio.

David Alexander: “Am I cute? No. But do I have a nice personality? Also no.”

From time to time, I notice David clapped on one of my posts or commented on someone else’s. Then, my eyes jump right to his bio — and I can’t help but smile to myself.

Shannon Ashley: Single mama, full-time writer, ex-vangelical. It’s not about being flawless, it’s about being honest. Top writer.

To me, Shannon’s bio is simply iconic.

Zander Nethercutt: mistaking correlation for causation since ‘94

Finally, Zander Nethercutt — the person whose name I would probably misspell, but whose bio has a solid place in my mind.

What’s the Common Denominator of the Best Medium Bios?

The best writers’ bios aren’t literal descriptions of their work. Rather than being purely informative, they trigger a deep sense of familiarity, something the reader can relate to.

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