Are You Sure You Want to Be a Content Writer?

Here’s what may happen to your writing if you monetize it ASAP

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1. Constantly be aware of the time

Some content writers get paid by the hour, and others operate on a per-word-rate basis. It doesn’t matter which one you are. One way or the other, you’ll be restricted by time since you want to make sure you get decently paid for your time.

2. Count the words

Taking this line of thought further — why do you even want to write? What lights you up about this craft (or art)?

3. Keep your thinking in very specific tracks

Now I want to talk about content templates — i.e. those thinking fast-tracks that make you standardize the way you assemble writing ideas.

  • Ultimate Guides — one-stop articles which claim to cover an entirety of a topic (spoiler: 99% of the time, this is a lie).
  • Illuminator — posts that take a piece of common knowledge, dissect it, and show the reader that something entirely else is true (think of those glorious “The Real Truth About X That No One Ever Talks About” headlines)
  • Listicles — yeah, we all know this one. As a content writer, it’s hard to resist listicles. At least once in a while, you’ll find yourself collecting long lists of ideas and wonder: Will this really be helpful/interesting to anyone?

4. Use keywords

If you’re a content writer, a lot of clients will expect you to write SEO blog posts. Not that many people have a good idea of what makes for a successful SEO strategy. However, the concept of using the right keywords stuck with us all — and even when it doesn’t bring any particular results, people still want to see you using them.

5. Deliver on deadline

Now here’s something to make you feel like a special snowflake for a moment: (which I honestly believe all writers need from time to time)

Do you want to be a content writer?

Even though writers have many things in common, we all write for slightly different reasons. Different things light us up and therefore, we get excited about various types of writing.

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