Can You Empathize With The Aggressor?

This is how real healing occurs.

Once upon a time, on a subway

The attacker slates the victim, and the victim replies with aggression to defend himself.

“You stupid slut, you are even worse! Probably spreading your legs in front of the Mussies, huh? Selling yourself cheap… bitch! Go and fuck them if you like, but get the fuck out of Poland first, you whore!”

Being attacked naturally sparked an agressive response in me.

If we want to change the world, we have to understand the aggressor

Where is the aggression coming from?

“This aggressiveness is simply a facade to hide their fear, but that fear is deeper than their aggressiveness. This aggressiveness they cannot maintain forever; it needs energy to maintain it or it will wither away. But their fear is not going to wither away. It will be best for them, rather than be aggressive, to be more understanding — understanding of their fear (…) and why they are feeling so afraid.”

Empathy doesn’t equal justifying aggressive behaviour

We cannot expect different results if we keep acting out the same scenario.

Self-awareness precedes self-improvement. Join me on

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