Daily Publishing Is Not For Me

But it shows me what’s critical for my writing.

Why am I doing this?

The idea of publishing daily has been haunting me for a while. I can see a lot of writers here on Medium publishing every day — sometimes even more than once — and thriving from it. On one hand, I doubted whether I could ever do the same. On the other, I was eager to try my hand at daily writing.

It was reducing my art to an externally validated pursuit — and I didn’t like that.

Giving myself a brand new chance to publish something every day seemed like a good idea for the cure. If I was to write a post in around two hours every morning (this is what I decided as a timeframe for my daily pieces), I had to accept that not all of these posts will get curated.

What I’ve noticed so far

Let’s starts with the technicalities. My stats have improved a bit since I started publishing daily. It’s not an enormous increase, but you can see below that from May 20th — the day I started my challenge — my average daily views are noticeably higher.

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May 20th marks the beginning of my 30-day daily publishing challenge.

Why daily publishing is not my thing

With all those tangible benefits, why wouldn’t I publish daily in the long-term? On the surface, it seems (even to me) that writing daily could bring many rewards over time. More views, fans, decent quality and curation rate and, on top of that, writing in a more relaxed, stream-of-consciousness-like manner.

All too often, it feels like I am merely scratching the surface of what has the potential to become insightful and even life-changing narratives.

But because I have limited time for each story, there is no possibility for creating such narrative — for example, through research or more deliberate structuring of the pieces. This is something I am not willing to compromise in the long run, because I feel that going deep should be the backbone of my art.

The pressure to write and publish daily doesn’t allow me the necessary amount of empty space.

In my understanding, the job of a writer is not just about crafting words. This comes as the final stage of a more complex process. Beyond writing, this process consists of living, learning and experiencing — and that demands the writer to be flexible and willing to leave their agenda on the side. At least from time to time.

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