Experience Life While It Lasts

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experiencing life while it lasts

there’s not much to add or to ask.

while talking to my blackest cat we figured out the simple truth of the timeless bonds. between me, between you and all the living things. enjoy while they, and you, are still alive — that is the dream.

the dream that is more than real: struggling for pleasure, at the same time avoiding and looking for sunbeam. all we know is the search for the ultimate, as if we knew what it means. we call it art, faith or philosophy — no matter how we understand these words, we feel there is always something in between. this something, that is the dream.

tonight I want to abandon sense, avoidance and depression. all the nouns flowing out of me are meaningless, but they sound. there must be no agression when I experiment with sounds of closing door and cry for help. there must be no lie when I go out to the imagined Sun to meet my conceptual Man.

how long the time span has to be for me to alter my dreams and embrace the intimacy which so real?

I hear. the sounds of my throat begging for more, my soul wants no more screams than before. I surrender to sore cause I swore I would learn how to love. there is always a promise for opening a new door.

and every time I open, I hear another sound, coming from the front and from behind. every time a mirror appears I look into it and God, who is Me, knows why — because every experience is at some point going to be clear. with this soothing message in my heart this time I shut the door and once more: in the land of dreams, no matter how much I fear, I can sense you are near.

So I close my eyes and decide to be here.

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