Hello Chantmagick — and thank you for your comment. Of course, the dichotomy I propose is a simplification, which was neccessary to distict the two attitudes, so that I am able to write about them. But I fully agree that a) the two attitudes (Expert’s and Beginner’s) can overlap and b) that there are a lot of experts out there who maintain the Beginner’s Mind and this is what makes them great. I am happy to hear that you encountered a lot of experts like that!

Although, in my experience, I have also seen the “Expert Mind experts”, who really believe that there is only one right way to do things and that they always know better. So that’s really one of the reasons that inspired me to write this article. I would like to see more experts like yourself — whose “highest ability comes from improvising” — and to be able to implement this in my own life.

Thank you for expressing your thoughts and, most of all, for questioning. All the best to you!

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