Hi Nir Eyal, I’m thrilled that you read and enjoyed this article! Thank you for your kind comment.

Actually, I started reading your book while I was already writing the article and it felt weird because I was writing about some concepts and then finding them in your book a few hours later! I didn’t include more references to Indistractable only because I already had an outline for this piece and didn’t feel like messing with it too much… but everything I read in your book was so aligned with my experience!

I’m now about halfway through your book and my general impression is that it’s a really solid resource-base for the tools that can help us reclaim agency over our attention. I love the core concept of observing the urge, rather than turning your eyes away from it — personally, I believe this is the most sustainable approach in all areas of personal growth. In my experience, whenever I tried to deal with a struggle of any sort (not just distraction) by pushing it out of my sight, it pretty much always came back at me stronger.

Thank you for reaching out and for sharing your insights and expertise with the world. Have a wonderful day!


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What if you stopped treating your ego as the enemy and befriended it instead? To find out, read my new book, Ego-Friendly: https://gumroad.com/l/ego-friendly

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