Hi, thanks for your comment! Surprisingly, I am not getting as triggered about these things as before. ;) Maybe that’s because I have discussed and thought about feminism quite a lot recently.

I think that the disagreement about whether feminism is valid or not comes from two places.

1) We generalize it too much, without simply acknowledging that in some cases women are discriminated and in others — they are not. Let’s take the wage gap, for example. Sometimes a woman may be paid less because she is a woman — and sometimes, because her competences are actually lower. We need to be aware that both of these situations can happen, and we need to be able to tell one from the other.

In my opinion, confidence shouldn’t have anything to do with that — I addressed that in the article. If we have to be “confident” in order to fight for the pay we deserve, that’s a problem in itself that also should be addressed, regardless of the gender.

2) We look at it all only from the side of women’s problems. However, I think that feminism in its present form should also address the situations where men are at a disadvantage (for example, in expressing their emotions). It’s about equality, and not favouring women over men. At least that’s my understanding.

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