How I Established A Healthy Relationship With Food

by eating whatever I feel like.

Our diets are so dependent on others

Eating is such a social thing — it is very hard to separate the way we eat from the diets of the people around us.

What healthy food has to do with beliefs

This meant an ongoing internal conflict. I could either eat the stuff I felt like OR I could eat healthy. These two options seldom seemed to go together.

Mindful eating 101

I think mindfulness is the key reason why this approach to food works for me.

Do I really feel like eating it?

How does it feel to eat it?

How do I feel after eating the chocolate?

I either feel better (i.e. healthier / lighter / more energized / happier) than before — or I feel worse.

Eating whatever I feel like is bliss — and that’s important!

1. Being able to enjoy the food you are eating, while you are eating it is everything.

2. The more I pay attention to what I eat, the more my diet naturally aligns with my needs.

3. Sometimes binge eating is a valid coping mechanism.

4. The more I love my body, the more inclined I am to care for it — also by feeding it the right foods.

5. There is no “one true answer” when comes to food.

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