How To Make Christmas Celebration More Meaningful

“With coping, our thoughts and behaviours dampen or cut short bad feelings from negative events. With savouring, on the other hand, thoughts and behaviours generate, intensify, or prolong positive feelings in response to positive events.” — Fred Bryant

How is celebrating different from partying?

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The benefits of celebrating

“Celebration signals to your subconscious — and your inner critic — that you are thankful for the progress you are making toward your dream.” — Alice Chan


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“Gratitude has been conceptualized as an emotion, a virtue, a moral sentiment, a motive, a coping response, a skill, and an attitude. It is all of these and more. Minimally, gratitude is an emotional response to a gift. It is the appreciation felt after one has been the beneficiary of an altruistic act” — Emmons & Crumpler


“Sharing is the strongest predictor of the level of enjoyment someone feels. In fact, studies of people’s reactions to positive life events have found that people who share their positive feelings with friends have higher levels of overall happiness than people who do not share their feelings.” — Fred Bryant


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“To hygge is to create an enclosing circle of warmth — by establishing an inclusive, relaxed atmosphere and a single point of focus to secure and celebrate a passing moment. The primal comfort of an open fire and good company on a dark night are the epitome of hygge.” — Louisa Thomsen Brits

Letting go

How to make Christmas celebration more meaningful

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1. Decide what feeling you want to infuse.

2. Make time just for the celebration.

3. Manage your social media time.

4. Make the preparations a part of the celebration.

5. Initiate a conversation about what you are grateful for.

6. Slow down.

7. Find an existing ritual and celebrate it.

“At its core, a ritual is simply a way to set aside some time to bring a family together. And I can’t think of anything more valuable in today’s environment.” — Barbara Fiese

When you start treating something as a ritual — it becomes one.

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