It Is Impossible Not To Be Yourself

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Casually being myself.

What does it mean to ‘not be yourself’?

First of all, we need to see that this is all just a story. A mental interpretation. A matter of the language we use.

Yet another opportunity to grow

In virtually all moments of my life when I am “not being myself”, a universal pattern prevails. When it plays out, I go through these three characteristic stages:

  1. Because of the discomfort, I feel unable to behave in a manner that is aligned with the image of myself that I am trying to maintain. Following the aforementioned examples: I am unable to be “spontaneous”, “assertive” and “vulnerable” — although, please keep in mind that these words are also just arbitrary labels!
  2. The result is that I see myself behaving in an “undesired” way.

It has to do with self-love, too

To be able to grasp that you are always being yourself, the resonance of self-love is what you need. Without it, you will judge yourself and make unnecessary assumptions about when you are, and when you are not being yourself.

How to be yourself — and be aware of it

The way we behave and feel is circumstantial — and the circumstances are often beyond our control. We do best to accept the fact that the way we respond to the world is fluid and sometimes falls out of alignment with who we are striving to become.

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