Positive Reinforcement Is The Most Powerful Tool For Reshaping Your Mind

You need to teach this to yourself.

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“Imagine how we could change the way we parent our kids. Instead of: ‘Get that glass off the counter, what’s wrong with you!’ — if we catch them while they’re good. ‘Great job! Great job; thank you, Alice, for taking your glass off the counter.’

It’s so simple, but we forget about it.”

Positive reinforcement of desired behaviours, states of mind or character traits happens when we feel a sense of reward during or after the said behaviour. When this sense of reward occurs consistently in specific circumstances, our brains get rewired to default to that behaviour when an opportunity arises. The process which enables our brains to get reshaped in such a way — and at any age — is called neuroplasticity.

“Acceptance does not mean putting up with or resigning yourself to anything. Acceptance is about embracing life, not merely tolerating it. Acceptance literally means ‘taking what is offered.’” — Russ Harris

Only once you learn how to receive all that life brings, can you use positive reinforcement correctly. Such use implies that you are able to recognize which states, behaviours and mental patterns serve you — and which of them don’t. After making this distinction, you can strengthen and feed the former — and let go of the latter.

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