Thanks for sharing Nik. I realized that it is not so easy to answer this, as I am torn between how my stoves are REALLY arranged, and how I would WANT THEM to be arranged. So this is probably a bit biased, but let’s see:

WORK = 70%
HEALTH = 15% (including meditation, good sleep, a decent amount of low-key exercise like walking/cycling/yoga and avoiding to eat crap :D)
FAMILY = 10% (just because I’ve been living with my parents, but this will change soon)
FRIENDS = 5% (what a loner I’ve become)

Thank you for the prompt to think about these things! I will certainly be on my way to manage the burners more intentionally in the future. Also, I think the concept of seasonality could definitely work for me. Even throughout each year, I imagine dedicating 9 months primarily to work, for example, and then moving someplace else for 3 months in order to explore, socialize, and learn.

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