Thanks for your point, Thomas. As I said in the article: I don’t “hear” them explicitly, for example from self-help writers in their articles. I used the word “lies” a bit metaphorically, to refer to certain notions that seem to be widely accepted and spread by the self-improvement movement. These notions are what many people believe — more or less consciously. And so they can hurt us in the same way as lies we are told more explicitly.

The point of this article is to bring this to the awareness of people pursuing self-improvement, who might believe — for example — that everything is up to them in personal growth. I think this is potentially harmful because it can lead to — for example — beating yourself up for not progressing fast enough. This has happened to me and I realised it is not necessary to go through this kind of destructive mental processes.

We can simply let go of the beliefs that are not helpful. And this article is my view on what I find harmful, rather than helpful, in self-improvement.

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