The Yin Way to Learn and Grow

My comeback piece after 8 months away from Medium

Marta Brzosko
4 min readJun 2, 2022
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels

The last article I published on Medium, September 23, 2021, already felt forced. I wrote it after the memorable summer, when I decided to ditch the online writing career I’d been pursuing for four years and find a job.

I was sick of writing articles to match headlines people would click on. I was sick of financial insecurity and always waiting for when I’ll finally “make it” (whatever it meant to my stressed mind at that time). Most of all, I was longing for more time outside and with people. I wanted to interact with the world more that write about it.

That’s the challenge of a writer: To be practicing their craft enough to think of themselves as a writer, but not so much that it prevents them from living new experiences. The latter is the only way to learn and grow. Gently.

The world today has so much yang in it that there’s not much space left for the yin. It shows in so many facets of reality.

Being a team leader means being directive, knowing what to say and do, giving clear instructions, and showing confidence. There’s little permission to feel lost, ask for feedback, and delegate power to others.

Productivity is measured by the number of things we manage to do in a day — not the…