To Reach Your Goals in 2020, Combine Habits and Rituals

But understand the difference between them first.

Marta Brzosko


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

The only way to create lasting change is by taking small steps towards it. One way to accomplish that is instilling meaningful habits and rituals into your life.

The thing is — we often confuse one for the other. We call habit a ritual and vice versa. As a result, we fail to understand the difference between them and the functions they serve.

We can’t foster full power of either before we know how they work.

This article offers a practical explanation of the difference between habits and rituals. In the last section, I will also talk about how to combine both to reach your goals in 2020.

If you’re motivated to reinvent your life — then let’s get started.

The Habit Hype of The 2010s

It seems like we’ve spent the last decade organising an open, inclusive conversation about self-improvement for the first time in human history. One of the main pillars of this conversation has been habit building.

Habits are the behaviours we repeat over time — and which are prone to evolving. As Charles Duhigg wrote in his bestseller The Power of Habit, “change might not be fast and it isn’t