What Does It Mean To Be a Woman?

Society has been teaching me what it means — do you want me to tell you?

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Did you know that in some languages — for example, in Polish — the word for ‘evil’ and ‘angry’ is one and the same word?

New haircut. Buy make up. Slimming lotion. Depilation. Shopping to make you feel better. But these shoes don’t match tha dress! Why don’t you want to look more like a girl? You made yourself into a tomboy. What do you mean you stopped shaving? If you had a better bra, your breasts would look bigger. Smile nicely, we’re taking a picture. You’re not packing even one dress? Or high heels? Do something with your skin. Your belly is a bit too big, don’t you think? You should be earning more at your age. How are you planning to raise children if your boyfriend is foreign? Get yourself together, or else no one will want you. Raise your head. Be strong. But also be soft. BE A WOMAN.

I am going to be a woman. From today on to infinity — but on my own terms. Join me. I want to see you smile, breathing with ease and feeling free.

That’s all I expect of a woman.

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