Why Do You Want To Eat Healthy?

And why you need to ask yourself this question.

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Do you eat it because you have to, or because you want to?

What you eat matters — but it doesn’t matter as much as HOW you eat it.

Ok, so you want to eat healthy — I get it. But do you even realise what is your motivation to do so?

Is “healthy food” a weapon against your body?

I am writing this to make you more aware of the reasons why you are trying to eat healthy, clean, organic — or however else you call it. Why do you believe that your diet is not good as it is now? Why are you striving to change something about it? What is your motivation behind all of this — reading fitness articles, restricting portions of your meals or banning yourself from eating after 6pm?

Healthy eating vs. your mindset

Let’s take a look at two different scenarios of going about eating more healthy. Illustrating the first one, I will put myself in a position of someone who is pushing themselves to change their dietary habits. They believe this will allow them to transform their body and finally accept, or even love themselves.

Scenario 1: Fighting the current

Good morning world! I am getting out of bed to take you on once again. Today I am going to really be good about what I eat — I believe it will give me more energy, make me feel lighter, and I should also notice my body changing within weeks. How exciting!

Scenario 2: Embracing the flow

Good morning world! I wake up in a good or bad mood — but regardless of that I am able to smile at myself in the mirror just before I brush my teeth. I start the day with a few minutes of stretching or yoga — but not because I have to “boost my metabolism” right from the beginning. I spend a few minutes exercising just because I know it will make me feel better and help my body take on the challenges of the day. And indeed, after five minutes or so, I feel invigorated and much more ready to proceed with everyday activities.

Eat healthy BECAUSE you love yourself — not TO love yourself

Coming back to motivations in eating healthy — can you see the substantial difference between the two approaches?

What you eat matters — but it doesn’t matter as much as HOW you eat it.

I believe that when you consume a superfood-kyle-and-quinoa smoothie, but you are constantly stressing about how you look (or about anything else) — the smoothie might not benefit you that much. That’s why I am a big fan of coming to terms with my body in the first place.

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