Why I Focus On Enjoying Work More Than On Being Productive

Learning how to enjoy your work takes conscious effort.

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The magic of the Present Moment

It all starts in the present. Right here, right now [you can play the song in the background for a better reading experience], as I am sitting at my white desk against the window, being blinded by the Sun beaming into my face. Right here, right now, I am PRESENTed with a choice:

Now, I took my decision. How about yourself?

Do we really need to choose?

At the first glance, we don’t have to choose between being productive and enjoying our work. I mean, theoretically I can imagine taking care of both at the same time. I can imagine this state of mind when I schedule my work to be as productive as possible and then, if I fail along the way, I don’t beat myself up for it at all.

“Man, that would make a whole lot of a difference! But you screwed up again and you are still not 100% efficient and productive. Too bad, but try harder next time.” — Voice in My Head

Maybe it’s just me, but I have a feeling that there are more people out there hearing those kinds of voices in their heads. This is why I feel an urge to talk about it. Because I realised that we don’t have to let those voices rule our approach to work.

Why enjoying your work is more important than productivity

It takes conscious effort to learn how to enjoy your work, regardless of how fast, slow or efficient you are. I am talking mainly — but not exclusively — about freelancers here, because we are the ones most prone to the pressure of getting things done as fast as we can.

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